Monday, July 28, 2014

July 2014 Budget

 July 2014
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I've noticed during the summer I spend less money on clothing and shoes. This may be a good thing, but this is the time where I do majority of my traveling since I am on summer break. However, this summer I am taking two online summer classes which allows me to travel and turn things in ahead of time.

Madewell skirt (on sale)
40% off with code ENDLESS until Monday 7/28/2014
$52.50 - 40% off + tax = $34.26
I just purchased this online yesterday. I have been looking for a simple black skirt that I can dress up or down. I haven't seen it in stores but other reviewers love it. I am hoping for this to be a keeper. If not, it'll go back.

Zella Reversible Leggings via Nordstrom (on sale)
Originally $52, on sale $33.90 + tax = $36.87
I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale since the items are from the Fall collection. Last year was my first year shopping the sale. This year I opted for Zella leggings. They're reversible! They have over 1,300 reviews with 99% of them positive. I originally wanted the Zella Barley Flare Booty Pants, but half of the logo on the back left leg would have been chopped off to hem to the perfect length. I contemplated keeping them, but I felt like it looked as though I forgot to rip off the sticker on my new pants and the long length is sold out system wide. Therefore I opted for the black leggings. Do I need them persay, no, but my friend convinced me. So far the leggings hold all of me in. They're not see through when you bend over or bend your knees. I machine wash and hang dry to extend the life of the elastic. So far they're holding up well, but hey, it's only been two weeks!

Navy Blue Ikat Dress via Ross
$10.99 + tax = $11.95
I really like maxi dresses, but I love unique maxi dresses in addition to plain ones. Stores like Ross is a great place to find unique maxi dresses that the rest of ladies in our city do not have for a very resonable price. The photo above is not the exact dress. Mine is navy blue, with a pink and white ikat design. I just need a little hemming and slimming and it would be ready to go.

Nike Elite Socks
$5.99 + tax = $6.51
I love a good pair of socks. I can't bring myself to spend $10+ on one pair of these cozy Nike Elite socks. When you think about it, you can get a bag of socks for under $10! Thankfully my friend filled me on the secret stash that are popping up in Ross stores. I picked up a pair and love the feel of it. I like to think my shoes are getting less of my feet sweat when I work out (TMI?). The only down side is that I prefer ankle length socks.

Zella Black Socks
Originally $22, on sale $13.90 + tax = $15.12
I purchased the white set last year and loved them so I thought I'd get a black set this year. The whites are a bit less white now, but still work as though they're new! To keep the life wear of the socks, I hang all my socks to dry. I think the dryer fries the elastic of the socks.

July Total $104.71
Left for the year: $565.14 - 104.71 = $460.43

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  1. The Madewell skirt looks really simple and classic. Hope it's as good as the reviewers say it is!

  2. Who knew reversible leggings even existed! Those sound pretty amazing and I can't believe there were that many reviews!

  3. i got the leggings as well! to be honest the reversible part stumps me but i love them nonetheless. that maxi is gorgeous!


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