Monday, July 14, 2014

A June Babe

This year I chose to celebrate my birthday a bit differently than the usual dinner with my family. One of my now very close nursing friend's birthday the day after mine. Instead of hosting two birthday celebrations, we had one big (mini) sha-bang. Birthday boy and I decided on a family style dinner + ice cream and party the rest of the night away. It was fun time celebrating and catching up six weeks into our (their) summer break.

The girls.

Last week, sweet-boy and I went to a bed and breakfast in Napa. I've told him about my desires for a bed and breakfast years ago when we were friends. I'm glad he had his listening ears on (a term I use with the kiddos I watch). The experience was amazing and the breakfast was delicious. I am still craving their yummy fresh baked lemon cookies. I cannot wait to go back!

 Freshly baked croissant and cranberry scones.
Huevos Rancheros

We also had the opportunity to stop by Boon Fly Cafe, one of my favorite bunch places in Napa. 


  1. I've always really wanted to go to one of those places... with teas and cakes. Yum.

    7% Solution

  2. Belated happy birthday! My wife would love that place. Every few years we try out a different B&B in the fall, in the mountains. It's become a nice semi-tradition.

  3. looks like a great way to celebrate, the food looks so delicious!

  4. Happy belated birthday to you :) You guys chose a really nice place to celebrate your birthdays!



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