Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Budget Recap

This month went by with relatively little shopping, which is a really good thing. The school load picked-up right before Spring Break and during Spring Break I got sick so didn't get to go out much. However, this past weekend, I went shopping to hunt for blouses, but there wasn't much out there that suited me.

1. Silver Ballasox by Corso Como
Corso Como Sample Sale $10

2. Black Bow Ballasox by Corso Como
Corso Como Sample Sale $10 (worn here)
I actually had to super glue the bows back on because they fell off in class! My friend and I were trying to figure out what material it was, and we both gave it a little wiggle-wiggle and it popped right off!

3. Black Flower Ballasox by Corso Como
Corso Como Sample Sale $10

4. Gold and Black Ballasox by Corso Como
Corso Como Sample Sale $10

5. H&M blouse
Originally $29.95, on sale $15 - $6 Wrapp gift card + tax = $9.77 (merchandise credit)

6. Abercrombie & Fitch sandals
Gift from cousin who got it at buy one get one free sale

7. Legale fleece stockings via Nordstrom Rack
Gift from friend. I was talking about these fleece tights to my friend after Kimmie posted about them.

8. Random bracelets, necklaces and earrings
Gift from my mom's friend who picked them all up at her church charity yard sale. I still have to clean some of the jewelry (yeah, the black beaded bracelet looks a bit gross, sorry!)

March 2013 total: $49.77 
(and I didn't even need to use a calculator!)

Earlier this week, I went by Crossroads (consignment shop) to sell some of my shoes (4 pairs and a top. By the way, I am a shoe hoarder who doesn't wear them all). I made got back $24.96! Some of you may think this isn't much, but all four pairs that were sold I purchased for about $5-7 each, so it's really OK. Yes, I did lose $1-2 a pair, but they've been sitting in my closet for the past 3 years untouched. (I'm trying to justify this. Do not convince me it was not worth it.) Now I can put this money to something I will wear more often. I made a shopping "need" list on my phone last year and I am hoping to shop off that list instead of buy a zillion things that are "cheap" that I honestly don't really need. But sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up!

I wasn't planning on buying any more flats since I bought two pairs last month. I thought I'd just go to the Corso Como sample sale just to browse around for black knee length boots or ankle booties, and if they didn't have it, I'd head back home. My mom insisted she come with me. The next thing I knew, I had 5 flats in my hands and my mom was carrying two pairs of boots! Shopping with others can be very dangerous...

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Sale's Pull In

Express dress via TjMaxx, Forever 21 cardigan
H&M bracelet, Bulova watch, Open Heart necklace via Tiffany &Co.
Ballasox by Corso Como (similar)

On Saturday I was standing in line at customer service at Kohl's to return a pair of shoes. The line was long, 3 people ahead of me and 3 people behind me and moving unbearably slow. There was this huge moving rack to the left of us. The rack was filled with purses of all sizes: hand bangs, various tote bags in different colors, patterns, and textures, and a couple cross body bags. At the top of the rack was this sheet of red paper that read something like "75-80% off when you take an additional 25% off of the lowest marked price blah blah blah." Lady #1 in line asked a Kohl's representative when she walked by us if she could apply her additional 30% off coupon when she uses her Kohl's card. She responded with "Yes." A few seconds later, Lady #1 grabs a purse off the rack. Then lady #3 (I'm 4th in line) and then lady#5. Lady #6 takes a look, but doesn't hold onto a bag. Here I am standing there, telling myself "You do not need them. Do not touch the bags. Do not step out of line. Stop looking!" Lady #4 tells me "these are such a bargain! Are you sure you don't want to take a look?" I kindly tell her I left my Kohl's coupon at home, which is true. I was only there to return my shoe; in and out was my set goal. And man, that was hard self-control...I wouldn't even let myself touch!

My point? Those darn signs with anything 50% and more are a sure way to sucker buyers in! Lady #1 and 3 bought a purse during their return transaction. Lady #5 didn't because her husband intervened and said she didn't need it (hehe).

These are my newest pair of flats added to my never ending black flats search. They're by Corso Como and ever so, so, so comfortable! They're not even in my size, these are a 6 - I am a 7, but they some how magically work. (I am speaking after a trip to the mall too!) I picked up three different pairs at their sample sale for the fraction of the retail price! It was just too good to pass up. For these flats, you do not need to wear socks. Actually, wearing socks just makes it feel all funky. Inside is a very nice air-breathing material and wearing socks just makes me feel super stuffy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

February Budget Recap

This month I purchased and returned 4 pairs of flats. Four doesn't seem like a large number, but when I think about it in terms of shoes, it's a lot, especially since I returned them after waiting patiently and anxiously to arrive in the mail. I am not going to record the returned shoes because  didn't keep track on how much they cost, but maybe I should in the future, just for curiosity sake. So here's the breakdown of this month's spending:

1. eBay red cashmere scarf

2. Vince Camuto bow studded black flats via Nordstrom Rack
Nordstrom Rack Price $59.99  + tax = 65.22

3. LOGG for H&M basics tank in black, white, and rice/tan
Orginally $7.95 each, on sale buy 2 get 1 free = $15.90 for 3 - $6 Wrapp app = $10.74

4. Cole Haan Women's Air Reesa Buckle Ballet Flat via Amazon (exact)
$157.50, on sale $55.62 -$20 Amazon credit from student referral program + tax = $38.74

5. Nike Free Runs 5.0 (not pictured, exact)
Originally $100 - 40% employee discount via friend = $60

February 2013 total: $185.19

Okay, so you're probably wondering why I just dropped $65 and another $39 on flats -- I wear flats almost every day if it is not raining, if the winds aren't ice cold, or if I am not in my scrubs. I have in the past bought less comfortable and less expensive flats, but those did not last as long nor wear they as comfortable. I figured, if I am going to buy so many inexpensive ones, might as well spend a bit for quality than quantity. After all, we all know that quality if better than quantity (at least that's what I keep telling myself.)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bittersweet TGIF

 Lace top via Nordstrom Rack, H&M Basic tank
Cotton On Jeans, Cole Haan flats via Amazon, Open Heart Necklace size small via Tiffany&Co


TGIF! I am loving these colbat blue jeans more and more! It gives it a nice pop compare to the ordinary blue jeans I usually wear. I think it'll look great for spring and summer. I just have to remember not to wear any lace shirts because the zippers caught onto the lace hemming.

Say hello to my new flats! Cole Haan on Amazon!! I saw these exact same pair for twice as much at Nordstrom Rack. So far they've been super comfy and does not give me any blisters which is a super big plus.