Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Accential Bubble Top

TjMaxx top, Nordstrom Rack pants, Report flats via DSW

I wore this outfit on Valentine's Day. Yes, I didn't wear a single hue of pink or red. However, that's not really important. (Bahaha!) I thought Valentine's Day would be a nice day to wear a new top to class. I didn't realize it until I put on my backpack that the shoulder buttons and backpack straps are a pretty lethal combination. Those button backs literally dug into my bony shoulders. At the moment of not very clear thinking, I thought wearing my backpack on one shoulder would make my shoulder feel better - it hurts more! I think even if you had some muscle in that area, it'll still hurt! So learn from my mistake, don't wear shoulder buttons with thick backpack/tote bag straps! 

I also just realized that this top does not look so great with the front tucked in. I thought it looked pretty good in the mirror. Next time, no tucking...but maybe into jeans? I think I can also add a few bracelets. Pictures do tell the truth.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trying to be "Grown-Up"

So Tee vis Kohls's, H&M blazer, Guess jeans via Macys
Mee Too flats via Nordstrom (returned), scarf from Bali

I'm trying to dress less "kiddy" and more "grown-up." I think that's my goal. Sometimes I feel that I dress too "childish," for a college student, but I also notice grade school and high school students dressing too "mature" for their age: tons of make-up on their adorable innocent faces with reveling clothes. My friend and I swore off to letting our kids dress like that and no brand name, they're going to stick to cool places like Target, TjMaxx and hand-me-downs. (Getting way ahead of our selves here.) I'm not sure where my style fits in quite exactly, but looking through my past OOTDs I do notice a change in my style.

This photo was taken in December 2012 and I forgot about it. I returned these Kaden Mee Too flats in late January. I spent three months to "break in" into a pair of flats. Three months of painful wears is too long. I was STILL getting blisters and I figured if they're painful, I'll never wear them. Thank goodness Nordstrom return policy is so flexible. As of now, I am on the mad hunt for a new pair of black flats. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

January Budget Recap

1. Forever 21 scarf
Orginally $14.80, on sale $6.99 +50% off clearance + tax = $3.79

2. Cotton On Glitter Wallet
Oringally $11.95, on sale $5 +30% off + tax = $3.81

This was an impluse buy with the girls that I semi-regret because I realized when I got home, when will I ever use this?! 

3. Macy's Hue Flat Socks
Originally 3 for $16 - $10 Macy's anniversary card holder "gift card" + tax = $7.40

I've been shopping around and noticed places like Nordstrom Rack and TjMaxx sell these socks 2 pairs for $5.99. I really like these socks because it has the gel slip-grip in the back. I've tried flat socks without the grip and the gel does help the sock stay up as you walk. It also helps with avoiding minor blisters when breaking in new shoes. 

4. Ojon Damage Repair Shampoo
Originally $25 - $5 Wrapp gift card + tax =$21.10

5. Old Navy Swim Suit
Originally $44.94, on sale $9.97 - 10% receipt coupon + tax = $9.75
I love this swim suit!

6. TjMaxx bow top
Originally $19.99, on sale $12.00+ tax = $13.02

7. Express strapless sun dress via TjMaxx (worn here)
Originally $7.99 + tax = $8.67

8. Nike Shorts via Nordstrom Rack
Originally $40, Nordstrom Rack $23.90, on sale $7.90 + tax = $8.61

9. Target cardigan
Originally $22.99, on sale $11.48 + tax = $12.46

10. H&M Disney t-shirt
Originally $12.95 - $10 Wrapp giftcard + tax = $5.37

I don't normally buy t-shirts, especially Disney themed tops, but my friend and I was headed to Disneyland and I thought why not. I felt so spirited! Unforuntaely, the weather was in the high 40's and low 50's the entire time we were there. Lets just hope I can still fit in a few years when I return.

11. Cotton On jeans
Originally 29.95, on sale $10 + tax = $10.85 + $10 hem = $20.85

January 2013 total $114.83

I bought so much stuff in January! When I was gathering everything for the photo I was trying to do this off the top of my head, but had to refer to my notes on my phone. I am pretty surprised. Hopefully, February will be a better (less spending) month.

I'm linking up with Franish. Check out how other bloggers did this past month (or two). 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


H&M Top, Cotton On Jeans (here)
Bulova watch, vintage belt from mom, Report flats

My current mood right now is just blah. Professors really know how to pile on the load, 3 exams, a research paper, patient care plans, a million-zillion pages to read (slowest textbook reader in the world) on top of work. Sometimes I just don't know where to begin, I'm lost in the middle of it and panic that I can't do it. Thankfully my best friend is always honest with me: it's hard, just breathe, take it ONE thing at a time and do your best. But you know, it's hard to listen because there's just so much running through my mind. 

At my desk, I have this picture I cut out from a calendar to remind me that hard work really does pay off and that "winging it" will not always work. 

Have you ever gotten jealous of the kid who says "I didn't even study or I hardly studied and I got [a good grade]!" And you think back on how hard you worked to accomplish the same outcome, sometimes, it just doesn't seem fair. 

That's my little rant for the night. It just needed to come out. I am going to kiss my pillow when Friday night comes around. 

------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

Do you think these are considered "colored" jeans? They're a cobalt blue-ish color. I wasn't sure what I would pair with it other than white, so I went with black. I really love the outcome of this outfit...makes me want to get more sleeved-clothing and polka-dots. I love polka-dots. 

Monday, February 11, 2013


Aeropostale Tank, Banana Republic Cardigan, Nordstrom Rack pants
scarf from Bali and flats by Report via DSW

Remember back when Aeropostale was super cool? I think that was around 2003-2005. I was in middle school! I bought this simple purple spaghetti strap top for about $4 in the clearance section. I am definitely proud of the mini-Justine who dug for inexpensive goodies. Mother taught me well.

I stopped shopping at Aeropostale when I discovered Abercrombie (adult and child) and Hollister by the influence of my cool and skinny friends. Their influence made me "realize" the adorable monkey faces were "annoying" and "so middle school" so I stopped wearing Aeropostale and stopped shopping at Aeropostale all together. When Senior year of high school rolled around, I was tired of being free advertisement for Abercrombie and Hollister. Their clothes were expensive for their tissue paper thin quality and wrinkle-prone hoodie sleeves that I squeezed my arms into. That winter mother and I was shopping and she picked out a few adorable sweaters for me: cozy, nice fitting, and their logo was about 1cmx1cm (if not smaller). I was sold. Then the Aeropostale at the mall closed. What a bummer!

I definitely learned my lesson. I began shopping around in different stores and different section other than "juniors."

Readers - Were you influenced by what your friends wore? What do you think of it now? Do you still have/wear clothes from the past (as in 5-10+ years back).

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Monday, February 4, 2013

The First Colored Pants - Maroon

Gap Tee, H&M blazer, LOGG by H&M pants, Report Flats

Believe it or not, but this is the very first time I wore my first pair of colored jeans out in public. So lots of first here today. I could possibly be the last person to step into colored pants. I held off from wearing these pants because I wanted to get them hemmed (got them in November!). When I brought them to the tailor (in early January), I wanted to shrink them because they left a gap at the waist. So I took them back home, washed, dried, waited a week before bringing them to the tailors and then that took another week to get back. So hemming pants is easily a 3+ weeks work in progress for me. However, the dryer did wonders to these jeans which make me love them even more. But I'm always sketchy about throwing jeans into the dryer. I'm afraid they'll shrink too much and I won't be able to fit into them again; and I'm scared the dryer will toast all the elastic in the material and cause them to loose shape and allow for baggy knees. 99% of the time I machine wash my jeans (when I'm not lazy) and let them air dry.

Readers -- How do you feel about colored pants?

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Scarf Affect

Old Navy Tee (here), H&M blazer, Vigross jeans 
vintage scarf from mom, Mee Too flats 

Another school day where I didn't know what to wear. I felt like I wear my navy banana republic jacket too often so I knew I needed to change my coat/jacket. Next thing you know I am pulling out the basics v-neck tee and blue jeans and flats to pair with my blazer to give it a more "casual" feel. And since it was semi-warm out, I threw on a nice vintage scarf give this outfit a little pop of color. This scarf was definitely the attention graber of the night. I got a couple of complements when I was on campus and then a few more at dinner. 

Readers -- What do you wear with the basic jeans and tee?