Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simple Fancy

Express chambray, Banana Republic jacket, Guess jeans via Macys
scarf from Bali, Sam Edelman "Maddox" ankle boots (here), Prada purse

This is the first time in awhile where I took an extra ounce of effort to put together an outfit. It's so simple! I am loving this outfit. A simple top, a "fancy" scarf and a pair of boots definitely pulls together a very simple outfit. I think I may do this more often!

Alright - inside Old Navy probably isn't the best location to take an outfit photo. I will keep that in mind for next time.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Swim Ready

The other day I opted out on driving an additional five miles to TjMaxx which by the way I love because it is like digging for treasure in the clearance section, and settled for Old Navy since I haven't been there in awhile anyways. I was pretty bummed to see that there wasn't any additional X% off on clearance but I was like "whatever" I'll look around anyways. Earlier that afternoon while I was at work, I was browsing Old Navy swim wear (oh so adorable and affordable) and I saw the exact one-piece polka-dotted swimsuit in stores! I frantically searched for the tag, but found none. I tried it on and then asked the sales representative for a price check. I took home this baby for less than ten bucks!

This swim suit is amazing. It can be a bandeau too! It's also a control top so feel free to eat all the yummy foods as you please. If you're loving the style or even just the polka dots, head over to your local Old Navy to see if someone returned this amazing piece for you to snag at a  must-have price or check it out online here.

I can't wait for swim season! 

*Not a sponsored post.*

Readers - What are you eying for the swim season or Spring?

Monday, January 14, 2013

December Budget Recap

December was a great shopping month. I did not buy any clothes for myself. I picked up a few gifts for friends and family so that's where my clothing money went. It feels great!

However, I am fortunate to be gifted so many items this holiday season.
  1. Ann Taylor Cashmere sweater
    Originally $109.99, on sale for $39.99 + tax = $43.08 - gift from mom 
  2. Ann Taylor Signature Fit dress pant
    Originally $98,  on sale for $54.77 - 50% off sale = $27.38 + tax = $29.50 - gift from mom
  3.  Ann Taylor cardigan
    Originally $39.99, on sale for $19.77 - 50% off sale = $9.88 + tax = $10.64 - gift from mom

  4. Michael Kors - Christmas Gift

  5. Nike Dry-Fit Tank
    Originally $50.00, on sale for $21.97 - 40% off sale =  $13.18 + tax = $14.12 - gift from mom
  6. LOGG for H&M t-shirt - Christmas Gift
  7. Nike Dry-Fit High Impact Sports Bra
    Originally $50.00, on sale for $39.99 - 30% off sale =  $20.99 + tax = $22.72 - gift from mom

December 2012 total: $0, all above are gifts

I didn't hit up the malls in the wee hours the day after Christmas. I figured if I didn't find anything during Black Friday, I was pretty sure I wouldn't find much after Christmas. I also noticed in the past couple years, clothing markdowns are higher a few days after anyways. So I waited, and as expected, I didn't find anything. I wonder if my taste is evolving or am I becoming more price conscious about the quality I am buying?

During my family's snow trip, I went shopping with my mom with nothing in particular on my mind. Well, I've been looking for an affordable and durable sports bra since I noticed the VS PINK bras don't hold up the girls as I would like and a new pair of slim looking tennis shoes, but other than that, nothing really. My mom picked a few pieces for me since I'll been needing to dress more "grown-up" next semester. She even offered to pay for my sportswear for my new hobby - running. However, she doesn't approve of my desire to run, she says the muscles I am building up are "ugly." But who ever knew running would be so calming and so relaxing, everyone should run, jog, or even walk.
(Go healthy hearts!)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick Hello

Happy New Year! Thank you for your continuous support for three consecutive years. I look forward to sharing 2013 with you. Just wanted to upload this quick snapshot from SoCal! It's snowing on I-5!