Friday, March 1, 2013

Bittersweet TGIF

 Lace top via Nordstrom Rack, H&M Basic tank
Cotton On Jeans, Cole Haan flats via Amazon, Open Heart Necklace size small via Tiffany&Co


TGIF! I am loving these colbat blue jeans more and more! It gives it a nice pop compare to the ordinary blue jeans I usually wear. I think it'll look great for spring and summer. I just have to remember not to wear any lace shirts because the zippers caught onto the lace hemming.

Say hello to my new flats! Cole Haan on Amazon!! I saw these exact same pair for twice as much at Nordstrom Rack. So far they've been super comfy and does not give me any blisters which is a super big plus.


  1. The lace top looks so good with these simple jeans. This is an outfit I'd wear immediately.

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  2. I have a shirt very similar to that, and now I can't wait to pair it with some fun colored pants. You (and your new shoes) are adorable.


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