Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trying to be "Grown-Up"

So Tee vis Kohls's, H&M blazer, Guess jeans via Macys
Mee Too flats via Nordstrom (returned), scarf from Bali

I'm trying to dress less "kiddy" and more "grown-up." I think that's my goal. Sometimes I feel that I dress too "childish," for a college student, but I also notice grade school and high school students dressing too "mature" for their age: tons of make-up on their adorable innocent faces with reveling clothes. My friend and I swore off to letting our kids dress like that and no brand name, they're going to stick to cool places like Target, TjMaxx and hand-me-downs. (Getting way ahead of our selves here.) I'm not sure where my style fits in quite exactly, but looking through my past OOTDs I do notice a change in my style.

This photo was taken in December 2012 and I forgot about it. I returned these Kaden Mee Too flats in late January. I spent three months to "break in" into a pair of flats. Three months of painful wears is too long. I was STILL getting blisters and I figured if they're painful, I'll never wear them. Thank goodness Nordstrom return policy is so flexible. As of now, I am on the mad hunt for a new pair of black flats. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


  1. I like this outfit a lot - I don't think it's too grown up! The skinny jeans and cute scarf allow it to be perfectly grown-up without being boring.

  2. Kids these days DO dress too maturely. I hope to keep my kids in kiddie clothes as long as possible!

    And girl, you dress super well for a college student. My college days were lived in sweatshirts and flip flops :(

    Good thing for Nordstrom's awesome return policy, because I've heard that Mee Too flats were comfy! Hope you're able to find a good pair of flats that don't hurt. My favorite flats that are super comfortable are from Target, but they do have a lot of uncomfortable flats too. You gotta look for the ones that have the padded insoles and not just the ones that are flat as cardboard. Good luck!

  3. This outfit is so so adorable! I love the blazer, especially with the jeans. Classy and sophisticated.

  4. This outfit is so so so pretty! I love the blazer, especially with the jeans. Classy and sophisticated.


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