Saturday, February 23, 2013

January Budget Recap

1. Forever 21 scarf
Orginally $14.80, on sale $6.99 +50% off clearance + tax = $3.79

2. Cotton On Glitter Wallet
Oringally $11.95, on sale $5 +30% off + tax = $3.81

This was an impluse buy with the girls that I semi-regret because I realized when I got home, when will I ever use this?! 

3. Macy's Hue Flat Socks
Originally 3 for $16 - $10 Macy's anniversary card holder "gift card" + tax = $7.40

I've been shopping around and noticed places like Nordstrom Rack and TjMaxx sell these socks 2 pairs for $5.99. I really like these socks because it has the gel slip-grip in the back. I've tried flat socks without the grip and the gel does help the sock stay up as you walk. It also helps with avoiding minor blisters when breaking in new shoes. 

4. Ojon Damage Repair Shampoo
Originally $25 - $5 Wrapp gift card + tax =$21.10

5. Old Navy Swim Suit
Originally $44.94, on sale $9.97 - 10% receipt coupon + tax = $9.75
I love this swim suit!

6. TjMaxx bow top
Originally $19.99, on sale $12.00+ tax = $13.02

7. Express strapless sun dress via TjMaxx (worn here)
Originally $7.99 + tax = $8.67

8. Nike Shorts via Nordstrom Rack
Originally $40, Nordstrom Rack $23.90, on sale $7.90 + tax = $8.61

9. Target cardigan
Originally $22.99, on sale $11.48 + tax = $12.46

10. H&M Disney t-shirt
Originally $12.95 - $10 Wrapp giftcard + tax = $5.37

I don't normally buy t-shirts, especially Disney themed tops, but my friend and I was headed to Disneyland and I thought why not. I felt so spirited! Unforuntaely, the weather was in the high 40's and low 50's the entire time we were there. Lets just hope I can still fit in a few years when I return.

11. Cotton On jeans
Originally 29.95, on sale $10 + tax = $10.85 + $10 hem = $20.85

January 2013 total $114.83

I bought so much stuff in January! When I was gathering everything for the photo I was trying to do this off the top of my head, but had to refer to my notes on my phone. I am pretty surprised. Hopefully, February will be a better (less spending) month.

I'm linking up with Franish. Check out how other bloggers did this past month (or two). 


  1. you got some amazing deals. I rarely buy anything full price either. If you are interested, I hold a monthly link-up for budgetting bloggers. I actually just posted it today!

  2. omgosh love this! i'm so in admiration i can't believe you got SOOOO MUCH stuff for basically $100 bucks! that's so amazing i need to go shopping with you! haha :p

  3. You got some fantastic stuff at great deals! I love that anchor top and those socks with the grippers on the heels are the BEST!

  4. Wow, amazing deals! I love that Disney t-shirt you got, how adorable!


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