Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Accential Bubble Top

TjMaxx top, Nordstrom Rack pants, Report flats via DSW

I wore this outfit on Valentine's Day. Yes, I didn't wear a single hue of pink or red. However, that's not really important. (Bahaha!) I thought Valentine's Day would be a nice day to wear a new top to class. I didn't realize it until I put on my backpack that the shoulder buttons and backpack straps are a pretty lethal combination. Those button backs literally dug into my bony shoulders. At the moment of not very clear thinking, I thought wearing my backpack on one shoulder would make my shoulder feel better - it hurts more! I think even if you had some muscle in that area, it'll still hurt! So learn from my mistake, don't wear shoulder buttons with thick backpack/tote bag straps! 

I also just realized that this top does not look so great with the front tucked in. I thought it looked pretty good in the mirror. Next time, no tucking...but maybe into jeans? I think I can also add a few bracelets. Pictures do tell the truth.

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  1. I hate when buttons dig into my shoulders! :( It looks cute though, the way you tucked it looks fine! :)


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