Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Satchel Obession

FeltMann via Aldo
Michael Kors Bedford Large North/South Tote via Dillards
Pure Color Stud Embellished Shoulder Bag via OASAP

 Ever since I saw SWEATshirtDRESSshirt's post on satchels, I've been secretly coveting her MK bag. I've always wanted a satchel. It's a win-win; carry it in the nook of your arm, on your shoulder as a tote, or cross-body. Here are my contenders.

Readers -- Which bag do you think I should get? Do you have any personal favorite bags?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Bag Obession

 Marc Jacobs via Piperlime 
Quilted faux-leather cross body via Banana Republic 
Michael Kors Charlton Cross Body via

Looking around campus, malls, and mainly just anywhere I go, I've noticed a new trend in purses. They're either large or small. This got me thinking, I need a small purse too! A purse small enough just for my cell phone, wallet, keys, and chap-stick. I've been thinking about this for quite some time and I still haven't pulled the trigger. I figured I probably won't get much use since I'm back in school...then I got hired as research assistant to work a few hours for a couple days a week, and one of those days are Fridays. On these days, I take public transportation and carry basically my life in that bag, and it hit me, I am in a desperate "need" of a going out bag too! I need it for after work since carrying a tote bag is illogical (which I can just throw into the trunk of my friend's car and just take my purse) and medium size bag wouldn't be large enough for everything I need to bring to my hunt begins for an affordable and not-too-trendy small bag -- maybe.

Readers - Do you have multiple size purses? How do you justify a "need" of a new purse? Do you have any suggestions for small purses?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Alexander Wang T (here, similar), Loft Cardigan, Vigoss jeans (altered to skinnies)
Report flats, LeSportSac (similar)

I'm too tired at night to lay out an outfit. I usually tell myself "I'll just pick something out in the morning...maybe I'll think of something before I fall asleep." Fast forward 5-7 hours. I've been sleeping in that extra 15 minutes in the mornings and so I don't have much time to pick an outfit. My mind's quick fix is reverting back to old ways: throw on a simple tee, a favorite cardigan, comfy jeans, a cute pair of flats and my grab and ready-to-go tote for class (packed before I go to bed).

This Alexander Wang T is so dang comfy! It's my first designer clothing piece from my very dear friend, A. At first I thought it'd be just any ordinary T, but I couldn't believe how often I'd wear it. I wore it at least once every week for two months straight. It's has a good snugly fit as well as a good flowy fit to hide that belly if you had one too many fries to one too many order of fries. It goes with everything; a night out to a day spent in class/office/work.

Readers - Do you have any go-to outfits? 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to Get More Wear in your Clothes

1, 2, 3

I have a few pieces that I absolutely love. Just to name a few, my new skinnes (formally boot cut), polka dot blouse, and my chambray. My heart would break if anything were to ever happen to them. I hand wash my delicates and my favorite pieces and hang them dry whenever possible. It takes a little more time, but it extends their lifetime so it's worth the extra effort.

A few tips to extend the life of your clothes.

1. Hand wash whenever possible.
2. Hang dry. 
3. Do not hang sweaters.
4. Wash your clothing inside out.
5. Zip all zippers before washing (by hand or machine).
6. Keep a button box/bag to revamp your clothes or simply to replace a missing button.
7. Use a lint shaver (not scissors) for those annoying lint balls.
8. Try fabric dye for faded clothing. It'll give your old clothes a "new" feeling.

Readers - Do you have any special tips to share?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Comfort for Sundays

Forever 21 top, H&M cardigan, c/o OASAP leggings, Target flats

Sundays are dedicated to sleeping in, late lunches, homework and studying. I'm a type a person who can't study in uncomfortable clothes, such as wearing belts around my waist, but I also can't study comfortably. For instance, if I'm wearing my pjs - I just decide to go to sleep. Pjs = sleep time. For me, studying requires comfortable clothes that I don't mind being seen in (at the library) and that I almost never wear to sleep: leggings, tunics, cardigans, and a pair of flats.

 *assuming I don't fall asleep at my desk

Readers -- What are/were your study/homework routines?

Monday, September 3, 2012

For Labor Day Shopping

LOFT top, NORDSTROM bottom (similar) COACH belt TARGET flats (similar) H&M bracelet BULOVA watch
(There was a HUGE  misquito on the wall.)

I thought it'd be nice to post up another OOTD since it's been a few months. Plus I feel extra cute in this semi casual outfit. It's amazing how a simple pair of black pants transform an outfit. This might just be one of those go-to outfits on the I-want-to-sleep-in-for-5-more-minutes types of mornings.

By the way, I went shopping in this outfit on Saturday. I scored a new backpack, a sweater from H&M (here) and 2 bags of Godiva gem chocolates for less than $9 (the chocolate, not the backpack)! I'm refraining from eating them and saving it for Halloween goodie bags for work. All in all, it was an exciting shopping day.

Happy Labor Day! 

Readers --  How was your Labor Day?