Friday, January 20, 2012

Rain Storm

It's pouring right now, and I have the biggest craving for a Young Coconut, but not big enough to brave it out to drive 5 miles through the storm. All this rain is making me want a new wardrobe. Two items in particular -- a coat and a pair of boots. Simple enough? I think yes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome 2012

Happy belated 2012 everyone!

I hope you've all been fantastic. Were you all able spend the holidays and New Year with your family and loved ones?

I have well... been a combination of busy and lazy. Remember when I mentioned I was preparing for a very big move? Well, I'm no longer moving. I've been accepted to a local University and decided to stay put. These past few weeks I've been unpacking, returning everything I purchased, reorganizing my clutter, and preparing to attend a new school. I've also been lazying around the house catching up on some reading.

On another note, the city is suppose to be filled with down pours of rain for the next few days. I'm actually excited for the rain. It means I won't have to wash my dirty car.

Express sweater, H&M tee & bracelet, Guess Super Skinny Jeans 
Nine West heels, Tiffany&Co. infinity necklace

These are my first pair of super skinny jeans and I love them! They're by Guess. I've always been hesitant of the idea of "super" skinny because of my large calves from all the swimming I did as a kid. Now I have trouble getting in and out of a regular skinny jean...or is this all in my imagination and you have this problem too?