Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Budget Reality

This month I went on a little closet splurge after not buying much throughout the summer. I am shocked at how much I spent! This is the damage done in less than two weeks and Black Friday is not even here yet! I feel that if I made this public, it's more real and keeps me honest on how much I spend. This way I cannot hide the reality and will be prepared when the bills come floating in, not that I am a shopaholic. 
(I totally love Kimmie's $600/year clothing budget, but I don't know how discipline I am to stick to it.)
  1.  H&M blazer $30
  2. 2 basic cotton tanks from H&M in black and white $5.95/each = $11.90
  3. American Rag black and white striped peplum top via Macy's $6.50 
  4. Bloom (not Kendi's Bloom) black peplum top with a lace back panel $11.80
  5. H&M maroon skinnies $gifted +10 hem
  6. Forever 21 blouse with front-tie bow $17.80 
  7. Macy's statement necklace $9.80 Returned
  8. Sam Edelman Maddox Booties $75.99 (after store credit + exchange)
  9. Mee Too Kaden black capped toe flats $69.95 Returned after 3 months of "break-in" I still got blisters.
November 2012 total: $163.99 as of 01/28/2013
*does not include 8.5% tax

H&M blazer - I've been wanting a structured casual/semi-formal blazer for quite some time and this fit the bill making it resistible. I didn't need to size up since the sleeve length hit me right at the wrists.

H&M basic cotton tanks - I decided to invest a bit more in my "under clothes" as I noticed that the camis I usually get for $2.80 just do not hold up as well. The straps stretch out and before I know it, I'm pulling up the straps that are sliding down my arm. How annoying is that? I figured with the amount of money I spend on the camis I can get a couple stretchy and non-strap sliding undershirts that will cost less in the long run.

The two peplum tops was an impulse buy. I've been wanting a peplum top so I thought why not. It's a super reason price for this fashion phase.

H&M Maroon Skinnies - I've been wanting a pair of color jeans for the.longest.time.ever for what seems like years and I finally found a shade I absolutely adore for a very reasonable price! (Then again, anything that is a"gift" is of course reasonable, but I'd still get them even if they weren't.) H&M answered my skinny pants wish. I've been on the hunt for a maroon and/or olive pair of skinnies. I've tried on multiple pairs of Old Navy Rockstar jeans and other H&M colored pants (the one with the side zipper and no butt pockets), but unfortunately they did not complement my body at all. I did not want to sacrifice look and feel for a trend and I am glad I waited.

Forever 21 Blouse - Honestly, I've been really frustrated with many companies because of their blouse designs. Often times I'd find the "perfect" blouse in the correct shade and price range but it is the high-low cut or too sheer in which I automatically chuck it back to the racks. This F21 blouse is the perfect length and thick enough to just wear a nude bra without any problems.

Macy's statement necklace - After much deliberation, I gave in. I wanted a statement necklace. Now I want more statement necklaces!!

Sam Edelman Maddox Booties - I've been thinking about purchasing a pair of booties since September and when I saw them at Nordstrom I tried them on and fell in love. I didn't buy them that day. Instead I went home and thought about it for two weeks. Then conveniently, I returned a pair of flats to Zappos after receiving painful blisters and opted to order these. These booties are the perfect height for heel-beginners (2 inches) and are very comfortable. I was able to walk all over downtown San Francisco without prior break-ins.

Mee Too Kaden Flat - I am always on the hunt for new black flats. Last year I bought four pairs of black flats in less than two weeks (here) but ended up returning two pairs a few weeks later (Macy's and Marc Fisher). I wore the Report flats down to almost the ground. Black flats are my everyday staple and since I'm on my feet more often than before, I needed a pair with more support and comfort than what my previous flats provided. Yes it costs a bit more, but I figured I would get my money's worth in the long run and possibly minimize future back problems.

Readers -- Do you have monthly/year spending shopping budget? If so, how do you keep yourself honest?


  1. OMG I love all your purchases, Justine! and I totally feel you on the button-up thing. I hate when you have to wear camisoles underneath.... which brings me to the point that after I read your post I realize that I should probably invest in better undershirts as well :(

    Can't wait to see how you wear all these!

  2. That $30 blazer is a great find! All of the purchase look like great staples, which is important so that you can wear them from season to season, and year to year. Well, depending on quality, right? Anyways, I haven't been good about "staying honest" with myself on purchases this year. I had a $160/month budget to spend on myself, but somehow that gets eaten away by beauty products, Starbucks, and occasional blog-related purchase like a hosting service or photo service, eating out with coworkers or friends, and camera-related purchases. Maybe I should write it down like you and Kimmie to keep myself honest!


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