Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dress Me under $35

If I were a store mannequin, I would get a lot of free clothes. I have been having a lot of outfit slumps lately, I don't know what to wear. I look at my closet and say "I don't have anything to wear!" Ugh. I hate it when I say that because I do have something to wear. I just don't have any creative juices flowing inside my mind. I think I just need a pair of comfortable heeled shoe. Then I think the flow will be back. And no, you cannot see through my shirt. Your eyes are playing mind tricks again.

Macy's top Forever 21 skirt  Payless flats HUE gray oblique tights
Bulova watch Tiffany & Co. necklace  Louis Vuitton purse

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shopping & Winner

My friend send me a link to this article earlier this week. I thought I'd like to share it with you. It's about shopping. We all like to shop don't we? But who clicks that "buy" button first?

We have a winner for the Asian Fashion giveaway. 
Congrats to Selina from The Sister 4 say more is MORE

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Dog T-Shirt Valentine's Giveaway (CLOSED)

Crazy Dog T-shirts contacted me a few weeks ago and they offered me to review one of their t-shirts. They also wanted to let you have one too! But you don't know who Crazy Dog T-shirts is? Well, they are the number one source online for funny t-shirts and vintage shirts that help you stand out and get noticed. Founded in 2004 the t-shirt empire offers custom shirts in Rochester, NY. They provide customers with a variety of cool t-shirts and crazy shirts.  Featuring both creative original concepts and popular licensed designs. Looking for a funny t-shirt?  They have hundreds of funny shirts which you won't want to miss!  

Here are a few of my favorites.
1. Game Over Dinosaur t-shirt: super soft and comfortable. I tried it on before I handed it over to my brother. I know, I know, I am such a kind sister. (haha!)
2. Awesome Hands t-shirt: Give yourself a hand. You are an awesome blogger!
3. That's Shady t-shirt: I just love the pun of this t-shirt.

Mandatory Entry:
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I'm sorry to my international friends but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

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And right now, you can get $5 off with the code seasons or $10 off $75 with the code Greetings

Giveaway will end Wednesday, February 2nd at 11:59 PST.
Winners cannot have won a shirt from us or have been sent a shirt for promotional purposes in the last 90 days or own a blog of their own.
Winner will have 48-hours to respond to email or a new winner will be chosen through

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Day Back

A lot of stuff happened over the weekend. I got a hair cut since its the beginning of the new semester. (I don't cut my hair in the middle of the semester because I will be cutting off my knowledge. Don't ask, I'm just weird.) We washed our cars. We laid in bed and ate. Okay, that is not a lot of stuff, but it is when you are feeling lazy. I like the feeling of being lazy and bored especially when you have to go back to school. So lame. I didn't feel like being in class at all today. Bunny is at home relaxing. Boo. I'm so jealous!

Kohls tee Macy skirt that was turned into a dress (how to here) H&M cardigan
Gap polka dotted tights Payless flats  Elastic belt from childhood
Tiffany & Co. necklace  Louis Vuitton purse (hammy down from mom)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Sunny Weekend

Bunny and I are having a very relaxing weekend. We are watching movies and junk television (ie Jersey Shore) in bed while slurping a Banana Berry smoothie from Jamba Juice and munching on Wetzel Pretzels. We started Spring Cleaning a little bit early so we made a pit stop at Crossroads to sell some of our old clothes. Bunny also washed his car because he was so jealous that my car was actually shinny-er than his for once. I showered mine on Thursday before he came home.

While Bunny was washing his car, I helped. I sprayed. Yes, I even sprayed him by accident 30 seconds after he told me not to spray him. It was truly an accident. I am very clumsy. (I am SUPER sorry Bunny!) If you tell me not to do something, most time I concentrate so hard that I accidentally do what you tell me not to do. Do you ever happen to do something like this too?

Bunny and I have a bird poop contest. Eww. What is a bird poop contest? Well whenever I wash my car, some dookey bird likes to relieve above my car. Every-single-time. So Robert and I "race" to see who can last longer without poop. This time, it took 3 days for some fresh poop. Whereas Bunny's car only took maybe 2-3 hours. It was fresh and it seems like the bird was in a hurry or had watery poop because there was a lot across his hood. Ha-ha, what a sucker. I win.

I left Skippy on his leash while I went to grab something inside.

How was your weekend?

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Saturday's sunset.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shout From the Roof Tops

Do you see that window?

This is what is out there. A whole bunch of nothing...

Pink Rose cardigan Forever 21 slouchy Tee
Vigoss jeans via Dr. Scholls slingback shoes Bulova watch
Liz Claiborne belt Tiffany & Co. necklace (gifted)

...until I came along. Yup. I climbed out that window when no one was around. Then I went out to take a picture but quickly realized that there was nothing out there that had a flat surface for me to put my camera down. In a panic, I decided to place my camera on top of this opened pipe on the roof. (Don't worry, it is not large enough in diameter to eat my camera, which is why you see my pictures now.)

This morning I was in a rush to work. I grabbed whatever I thought looked good together. Can you tell I like to choose all my semi-new clothing and wear them all at once? Turns out this outfit is very similar to this one. I noticed that when I was already on my way to work. I couldn't change. Oh, the shoes aren't new. I don't like to wear them because it hurts my big toe in the front. So much for Dr. Scholl's.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Color Me Plum

Ralph Lauren boat neck top Wetseal mini skirt
H&M plum tights Zara flats Louis Vuitton purse
This is my first documented colored tights...I think. Yeah, it is because last time I forgot to take the picture so I repeated that outfit for you all to see. I am starting off with darker shades (not including black and navy). I think I am ready for brighter colors, but we'll see how I feel in the next couple of days when I finally pull them my only a little bit brighter colored ones out.

I miss Bunny terribly. I hate how he has to go away for school. I hate that he has winter classes while I am on break. I hate being alone in this house. I wish he could just stay here and snuggle with me all morning and night. But I am asking for too much right now. That time will come soon enough. Then I can finally have breakfast in bed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, all day, and any day I want! I'm just kidding, kind of... I hate what 3-day weekends do to me.

Enough of me bashing the past 3-day weekend. Here is our winner for the My 3 Angels Fashion & Designs giveaway!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Asian Fashion Giveaway (CLOSED)

Are you ladies and jets itching to bust out of your sweaters to wear something new, fun, and flirty? Yes, that include you boys too. We all know you flirt. Well today your two fingers has stumbled across the right page whether it was intentional or unintentional it doesn't matter because...

Asian Fashion offered me to offer you a $20 gift certificate for anything in their store just for you!
(Yes, it works on too!)

That's right. You can pick anything you want.

Mandatory Entry:
Leave a comment on Asian Fashion Forum and come back and tell me that you did.
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Giveaway will end Tuesday, January 25th at 11:59 PST.
Winner will have 48-hours to respond to email or a new winner will be chosen through

And don't forget to check out Fashion Diary of a Mormon Girl. She's giving out a pair of mittens to one lucky winner!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Today after I dragged Robert out of bed this morning, we headed over to Noah's for a delicious bacon, egg, spinach panini. On the way there, I noticed my voice was disappearing. I kept saying "testing, testing, one, two, three..." then I went to a state of panic because I didn't want my boss to think I was sick when he plans on bringing in his 3-month baby to the office. But a miracle happened after that panini, my voice came back!

You're probably not going to believe me, but this is the first time I really saw what the back of my boots look like. Good thing I said "Oh oh! Take a picture of me walking up the stairs." Dang, I am such a sloucher

Forever 21 owl neck sweater Forever 21 leaf heart dress Ross leggings
Nicole boots  Liz Claiborne belt Louis Vuitton purse

 Banana Republic slim fit dress shirt Express t-shirt Forever 21 jeans Vans 

Do you like those colorful stairs behind us? This is a major tourist spot, especially on the weekends. It's usually filled with people walking up and down the stairs. Those people behind Robert and I are probably tourist. Robert and I are not tourist. We've been living in this city since birth and we probably haven't been to all the tourist hot-spots just yet. I think I should put that on my bucket list. Do you take advantage of all your tourist hot-spots in your city?

Happy Monday!
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Giveaway Reminder

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. I like Sundays. Its like relax, kick back, and relax some more day. I should notify school about this day.

While you're here and all, I just wanted to remind you that the $25 gift certificate giveaway for My 3 Angels Fashion & Design giveaway is ending tomorrow, Monday, January 17th 11:59 PST.

Here's super cute video of Skippy. I had to cut it short because the camera said so. 

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little Bit Boxy

Pink Rose cardigan Loft slouchy Tee Vigoss jeans  Target wedges Liz Claiborne belt
Borsa Bella box purse Bulova watch Tiffany &Co. necklace 

Have you ever had one of those days where you get dressed and feel, I don't know a little bit boxy and uncomfortable about what you're wearing, but don't have enough time to change into another outfit because you will be late to (fill in the blank here). Today that was not the case for me. Thank goodness! You see that box looking thing I am holding up there? (This is where you scroll up to take another look at my outfit.) Yes, that thing. That is my purse. It's a box purse. It reminds me of a fancy lunch box. It belonged to my mom. I inherited three of them. I used to hate them. Both my father and I used to tell my mom that if she used these out in public, we weren't going to be related to her. (Yeah, harsh, but yeah.) Today my boss asked me, "What is that metal box thing?" I told him it was my purse. He just laughed.

Robert isn't a huge fan of the box. But I wanted to try something new. I think I went out on a limb. I went out in public with this box in tow. Tell me what you think of the box purse. Is it a go or a no go?

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's in My Bag & WIWW

This is what is in my purse today.

Kleenex tissues, Target $1 gloves, KB socks, Dr. Grip pen, Cetaphil lotion, Lypsyl chapstick, Band-Aid Friction Block Stick (it really works! before you get the swelling of a blister), Coach wallet, Coach key chain with a hair tie, and my beat up BlackBerry (not pictured).

My keys are actually really heavy because of the chain, but I like it. I have two keys on my key chain. The rest is probably what you call junk i.e. Disneyland J keychain, carrot charm (from Robert) emergency whistle, mini flash light, and a pocket knife. Okay, the only junk is the J keychain, everything else is a necessity. I think this is why a women's handbag is so heavy - everything is a necessity.

This bag is from my mom. She gave me the smaller bag since she likes to tote around big bags. I don't know how people use this handles! Throughout the day I wanted to sling it over my shoulder. I like to have my hands free to look and hold things while I am at Target. I loooove Target.

2be by Bebe jacket Target sweater Vigoss jeans Payless flats Gucci bag Tiffany&Co. necklace

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Angels Fashion & Designs New Year Giveaway (CLOSED)

Earlier last month Lavada from My 3 Angels Fashions & Designs let me review on one of her bags. My 3 Angles Fashions & Designs handbags are designer inspired, not self designed. She is in no way affiliated with Prada, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, and etc. (Disclaimer)

My 3 Angels Fashions & Designs makes bags with quality at very affordable prices. They also sell very fashionable scarves. Everything in their store ranges from $15-$35, take a look for yourself here.

The bag I chose is this one here, Model 1233. It is very roomy, big enough to let me haul a day worth of school, but of course, I do not put any text books in. I mean, who brings their textbook to class?! This bag is great for the day at school and great for a little shopping at the mall. It is almost the perfect bag. I say almost because there is not itsy-bitsy part that bothers me. It's the zipper. I wish the front and the back of the zipper was sewn onto the bag itself. I find my hand getting caught every once in awhile. But other than that, it is the bag I am going to use for the rest of the semester and so can you (minus the school part if you're not longer a student).

My 3 Angels Fashion & Designs is offering you a $25 certificate towards the purchase of a bag or scarf of your choice. All you have to do is enter.

Mandatory Entry:
Tell me one which item is your favorite from My 3 Angels Fashions & Designs.
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Sorry to my international readers, US only. 

Bonus Entries:
  • Write a nice comment on her Guest Book about your favorite item and why. (1 comment)
  • Be a public follower of my blog if you're not already. (1 comment)
  • Share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, or blog and be sure to leave a link. (1 comment each)
Giveaway will end Monday, January 17th at 11:59 PST. 
Winner will have 48-hours to respond to email or a new winner will be chosen through

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Almost Every Girl's Dream

Mr. Bunny's name is Robert. He is my better half. And he requested this specific post to be broadcast. He got me a belated Christmas present. This year I didn't want anything in particular. A nice pair of fitting jeans would have been nice or a nice coat, which I bought at Banana Republic's before Christmas sale, but I did not want him to fork out a bill-plus for a pair of jeans. Do you want to know what I got instead? It comes in a little blue box with a white silky ribbon...

...something from Tiffany & Company!

A gold open heart necklace that I've been eying since forever!

Here he is trying to open the clasp of the necklace.
Sorry for the blurry picture, I was excited.

On Robert:
Hanes t-shirt (comes in a pack of 7 via Target, buy)
Banana Republic cardigan (gift from me, buy)

Forever 21 jeans ($30, buy)
Ross belt ($10, similar)

He is absolutely one the best boyfriend ever. I am not just saying this because of my new necklace. I love him to death and my necklace too!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Outfit of the Week

This was NOT the best outfit of the week. It was the only outfit of the week (01/02-01/08/10). The days I actually had to go out, it was to get some grub. I wore Bunny's hoodie and my leggings.

I had a really relaxing week. I slept from 2am-12noon, brushed and showered, watched I Dream of Jeannie on WGN at 1pm while eating a delicious lunch Bunny prepared for me after class. I wish every day could be like that.

Oh, I also read a really great book: Water for Elephants. The movie is coming out soon.

About the 3 shirts I saw online I could not find a single one in stores, 2 of them. Oh well. Saves me money right?  

I thought this girl was cute. I had a good handful of stares from random strangers.

Bunny has a shaky hand. I blame it on the coffee.
Banana Republic coat $51 (Before Christmas Sale, 40% off, new)
Nordstrom top$14 Vigoss jeans Bulova watch Tiffany&Co. necklace LV purse

Friday, January 7, 2011

Forever 21 Love

Lately I haven't been shopping much - woah, wait, that's an undersatement. Let me rephrase that, lately I haven't been shopping much at Forever 21. I can't seem to find anything I like. I see things online that I think I could possibly wear, but once I get to the store, it's not what I expected. Sometimes things turn out to be too long, too short (esp their skirts), too sheer, and I am going to choke this out, cheap and not worth my money. (Yeah, don't laugh at the last one.) And most times, I am just not brave enough to go past my comfort zone to try out a new style. Do any of you have this problem too? I almost always have an excuse to not buy something from Forever 21 or not to try out a few style, but I am not sure if that's always a good thing or a bad thing.

Okay, here are a few of my latest picks from Forever 21. I hope I can find them in stores later on today. Bunny and I going to head back to the city to do a little shoping. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lulu's Discount for All

Yeah, I know it was just Christmas and New Years, but I can't help to begin thinking about Valentine's Day. You must be thinking something along the lines of this... "Girl, you have more than a month!" or something like "Justine must have lost track of the year already." If neither, you are a very understanding friend. The others, well, I have to think about our friendship. I kid. You can all be my friends. I am very forgiving. Anyways, let me tell you my reason: by the time it is Valentines Day, I am usually eyeball up with midterms (I still don't understand why professors is call an exam a "mid"-term if I have more than one in one semester and if it comes before the middle of the term. It should just be called an exam. Simple as that. I digress...) and papers, so I always plan ahead. It is almost fool proof. I say almost because sometimes I don't remember until I have less than 48-hours ahead of me.

I came across Lulu's the other day and I am in love with their stuff! Sadly my budget does not extend as far as my imagination. A girl can only dream or if I hit that $355 million lottery....I'll buy you all and Valentine's Day outfit!

What about this pretty little thing for a dinner night out on Valentines Day?

Or what about this cute turquoise ring to pull together a very rushed outfit?

Or this cute Springy tunic for when the chilly Winter weather is finally gone?

Are you drooling yet? Is your mind scrambling for a Valentine's Day outfit too? Since we're friends and all, and Bunny just informed me that we didn't win the lottery after all, I'd like to share with you a 15% off coupon: JUSTBETTER but you have to hurry, it expires on 01/07/11

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Excuse and a Winner

I haven't been posting up outfit pictures lately. I am getting dressed and going out on litle dates with B and snapping pictures. But the problem is that I didn't bring my memory card reader down with me when I packed to stay with him for a week. So as soon as we head back home, I am going to load the pictures.

In the mean time, we have a winner for the Eco Natural Soap giveaway!