Sunday, May 23, 2010

Disney's Bouquet Tee

Last week I showed my cousin, T, Disney's Bouquet Tee so we decided to shop for supplies Friday night. We got to Joann's 5 minutes before closing time. That gave us enough time to get some fabric. I bought 1/4 yard for the white sheer fabric for $0.65 cents! (I used the 40% off coupon - woohoo!) Then we headed over to Michael's thinking they sold fabric too. We ended up buying some knic-knacs (sp?) with the 40% off coupons too. We didn't know you could only use one 40% coupon per person, per day. T asked if she could do separate transaction and the cashier told her the rules. Then T asked if she could pretend she was a different person, and she nicely explained to her that if they allowed customers to do that, Michael's would be out of business! I thought it was pretty funny.

Here is what I currently have. It is NOT done yet. I just really wanted to blog about something :) In the center of the flower, there is a big hole, so T and I are thinking about sewing the button to a circle piece of fabric and sew that piece on top of the empty center of the flower. We will continue probably next weekend. Right now, the fabric and the button is just placed on top of the hole.

The button is from my aunt's button collection. She has a large bucket full. There are a lot of vintage type buttons.

Sorry for the crummy pictures. There was bad lighting and it was taken with my cell phone.

tank: Walmart $3.00
sheer fabric: Joann's $0.65
button: Free from my aunts collection

Have a wonderful week,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring 2010 Semester

I finished my last today yesterday, and boy, do I feel relieved! To me it feels like sitting in a super long and bumpy car ride having to pee badly. I guess you can say I finally got to pee! What a bad analogy! But that's how I feel.

Have a happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giveaway: Dear Lillie

Definitely check on Dear Lillie, they're having another giveaway. Everything there is super adorable!