Friday, March 28, 2014

March 2014 Budget Recap

March 2014

Madewell Terrance Dress
originally $98, on sale $69.99 - 30% + tax +  price adjustment = $43.49
I used my Frye boots earnings from my eBay sales (talked about here).
This was my first purchase from Madewell. I was a bit skeptical and a bit nervous about ordering without trying on their clothing first. I based my size from their sizing chart, reviews, and my past experiences with J.Crew and settled with a XS. The dress fits just as I prefer. It'll only need minor 2 inch hem. For your reference, I am 5'2", 115lbs, 32C.

Kamik Rainboot (exact)
originally $55, on sale 29.99 + tax = $32.61
I finally gave in and bought rainboots. It down-poured earlier this month and I wore my Aldo boots out. That afternoon, on my 5 minute walk to the car across campus, my boots soaked up a ton of water. I figured it is cheaper to replace/purchase rainboots than to replace my boot-boots. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet as luck would have it, it stopped raining once they arrived.
I purchased these boots from 6pm. I was debating between this pair and the solid yellow. I wasn't sure what to do so I texted my brother and he didn't respond, so with impulse I pulled the trigger for the floral since I really like floral prints. Then he responded saying yellow because all the tv shows have yellow or a solid bright color - this made me really wanted the yellow colored boot. I tried calling 6pm to cancel the order and they wouldn't let me - this happened all within 10 minutes. The fit for me is ok, but I won't be able to wear thick socks. If you're inbetween sizes, I suggest going the size up and putting in an insert for a more snug fit. Also if you have slightly larger calves, I'd suggest going up.

Asics Gel Keyano 19 (exact)
originally $150, on sale  $82.59 - 20% coupon + tax = $71.85
I used gift cards that I purchased for: $100 for $80
I have the exact pair in black. I really love these shoes for running. They provide the support that I need. I've been told that when I run, I land on the inner side of my feet. People suggested I get a better shoe that provides more stability. Prior to the Asics, the transition from Nike FreeRun was a hard because of the weight difference. Now I can feel the support difference especially on long runs.

March Total: $147.95
Left for year: $980.22

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Monday, March 24, 2014

New Combo Needed

Target peasant top, LOGG by H&M jeans, Vince Camuto flats

I really love these colored jeans. They're just about the only colored jeans I have besides this pair and black, but I don't feel like black really counts as "colored" jeans. If it does, I have four: maroon, cobalt blue, black, and the traditional denim blue. I noticed that whenever I wear this pair of pants, documented or not, I usually only pair it off with black (like here and here) because I am not sure what goes with this color. I have a ton of black tops so I have a good rotation on hand. Black seems to be a default for everything.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mom's Shirt

mom's shirt from the 80's, stoned heart chain necklace
 J.Crew Factory jeans, Cole Haan wedge (similar)

About two years ago, I dug through a few boxes of mom's old clothes and held onto this shirt. After I cut off the shoulder pads, I wasn't quite sure how I'd wear it. I thought it was super plain in the front. It never dawned to me to wear a cute necklace to go on top because I was so stuck in the mindset of wearing my "everyday" necklaces that I don't take off often. Go figure. Now I am continuing my hunt for dainty minimal statement necklaces. If you have any recommendations please share! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring T-minus 1 week

Ltede Glasses via (here), Talbot cardigan, Target top
J.Crew Factory jeans (similar), Halogen wedge (here)

Last week was pouring cats and dogs that it convinced me that I need rainboots. Now it's all warm and sunshine. No complaints. But now it's super windy and I don't like it especially on trash days because once the trash is taken away, these bins fall onto my car. Arg.

One week until Spring and I can't wait to bust out all my floral and spring-y clothing! My legs are done with hibernation and is ready to see some daylight. Plus I got a "nice" aka less pale legs from all my running I've been doing. 

These wedges - must buy by Halogen at Nordstrom (Katie Wedge #687049). They require no break in, super light, and are super comfy. They come in three colors, tan (mushroom suede) blackjack suede, and red (pepper suede). I feel as though I can chase a bus in these and be a-ok. I am so glad that the SA at Nordstrom was able to track a pair down for me. I wish I got them in tan too. It's now 60% off! I originally purchased it at 30% and got a price adjustment when I saw them at 50% off. Yay, I love savings!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

City Girl + Glasses

Ltede Glasses via (here), ON jacket (here), H&M blouse
Nordstrom Rack pants, Keds via Ross (here)

I am on Spring Break! I haven't done bunch but cook, eat, sleep, and do homework. Yes, that's right, homework. I've been doing these small assignments that take up a lot of time during the normal school week. My hopes is to get it done and out of the way so that I don't fret about it when the due date approaches. It's honestly not that stressful. Monday night I made 30 chocolate chip cookies...the best I've ever made! It might just be the chocolate chip cookie. Crunchy edges with chewy centers. I hope to share the recipe with you soon. 

I wore this outfit to go downtown shopping. I ended up buying nothing. I think I am an online shopper. The deals are typically better, but I do get to try things on which eleminates the returning process. I am currently looking for a pair of dark rich denim. I've looked high and low: J.Crew, Madewell, Nordstrom, Old Navy, etc and I don't like any of them. I am not a jegging or super stretch person. I need the extra support on the backside. The stretch doesn't allow for any extra support and illusion. I want a stiffer denim with some stretch. I like the J.Crew toothpick, but I want it in resin wash with the stretch feel of miller wash. I swear to you the material is different and the stretch differs as well. I left the store empty handed after spending about thirty minutes in the fitting room. And I was so ready to pay retail (+15% off with my school id)! 

I am wearing glasses because I got an eye infection. I originally thought it was because of my contacts, but it turns out one of the kiddos I watched had pink eye! Arg! I woke up one morning with my left eye glued shut with eye boogers. As the left eye got better, but right eye got infected. Arg! I was pretty upset since I had to take my midterm in glasses...I almost never wear glasses to school. So now I am just going to play it safe and wear these specks until school starts again next week. 

I ordered these glasses from three years ago. I love them. Before I ordered them, afraid they'd be too manly, I used their "Try On View." I also got my grandpa and five of my guy friends to order the exact same pair too! Don't worry, they're uni-sex! I love the simple frame, basic color, and the fact that it's made of metal. Right now they have a promo going on FIRSTPAIRFREE for new comers. All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling. 
(No, I am not promoting I just think they're awesome!)